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Form, Fortis & Function Are One

With the name conveys a sense of multiplication and extra, we strive in delivering more than expected in every directions.

Our Purpose

To Remain Friends With Our Clients

It is undoubtable that the outcome of a project matters greatly, and that we will surely fulfil, but what makes one feel better here is the process that leads to it. It is never just about the business alone; it is how you feel from the start until the end of the process that matters. We want you to be able to feel comfortable and happy throughout the whole journey with us.

Devotion to Quality Projects

We interpret your dreams and ideas as they relate to your space. The process begins with a conversation on how your dreams look like, which then allow us to provide you with creative solutions involving contemporary and quality designs that helps you fulfil the dream that you had told.

Our Portfolio

Our Know-How

Utilizing over several years of experience, a combined passion, and a design vision, we bring your visualization to life.